Saturday, December 26, 2009


Our little baby is ONE today!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Apparently, she doesn't like tuna

I think this video speaks for itself:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rhema's Lights

We took little Josie to see the lights at Rhema on Saturday night. She looked so cute with her little mittens on, and I was pleased that she left them alone. She pointed at everything and said "Wassat"? I am LOVING Christmas with a nearly 1 year old.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Claus

The first picture is at our ward Christmas Party. While I appreciate that sweet brother dressing up like Santa, he forgot to look at the camera so we didn't get a good picture (of Santa, Josie looked great!)

Today we went to the mall to sit on his lap and hopefully get a better picture. Once again, she did fantastic. She just sat there on his lap and smiled for the camera. The cutest part though, was when I went to get her off of Santa's lap she turned around and stuck her arms out for Santa. He reached back and I set her back down. She gave Santa the LONGEST hug ever. He just hugged her back. They would have stayed that way longer but the line was long and I didn't want people to get mad. It was a very sweet moment. I hope she always loves Santa Claus so much.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wal-Mart Photo Shoot

Back in July I sent some pictures of Josie to a modeling agency recommended by a friend. They were very honest about how they don't get a lot of work for babies, but it only cost $10 to "enroll", so I did it. Josie loves getting her picture taken and I thought it would be fun if we ever got called.

A couple of weeks ago, we did get called! They asked us to send some more pictures of her. The "client", who ended up being Wal-Mart, liked the pictures and we set up an appointment to come in and get a few more pictures taken. They liked those too so yesterday we went to Arkansas for her formal shoot.

Before you get too excited there were MANY other babies chosen. They are doing several different diaper and wipe product packaging. They choose 4 or 5 babies for each one and I think they'll choose the final picture from those. So it's not like Josie is for sure going to be on anything.

Still, the experience was very cool. My mom and I drove down there yesterday. We left early to make sure we made it on time and went out to lunch in Springdale. When we got to the studio they called her back for hair and makeup. They had a make up artist named Shelly in from New York. Josie didn't love this part and kept trying to push her hands away. I still think she did pretty good because she didn't cry or fuss really. After a little powder and blush and a little work on her hair we went out and met with the next lady. We stripped her down and got into her diaper.

Then on to the next station. There was a white platform set up in front of a white back drop. Several photographers were waiting. There was also a "baby wrangler" in charge of getting Josie to smile. She had all kinds of props and toys. All of the images on the camera were filtered to a giant computer screen where three other women watched all the images that came in.

Josie did fantastic. She's quite a little ham and loved all of the attention. They were trying to get a shot of her crawling so I would pull her back and she'd crawl toward the toy that the baby wrangler had. Then they'd take some pictures and we'd start all over. I only got to see a few of the pictures because the screen was behind me, but I thought they looked great.

The whole process took about an hour and a half. I didn't take any pictures even though I had my camera. I was too afraid they would think I was a geek. I'm really curious to know what will happen next. Hopefully Josie out photographed all of the other babies. Maybe they'll notify us? Look for her cute face on Wal-Mart brand fragrance free wipes!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Jocelyn had a great 1st Thanksgiving weekend. On Thursday we headed to my parents to eat. Delicious.

On Sunday, we celebrated with Alex's family. It was very fun to watch Josie interact with her cousins. She may be the littlest, but she jumps right in there with all of them.

But, my favorite part of the Thanksgiving weekend was getting our Christmas tree! I've been looking forward to this since last year. I remember last year being very pregnant and waddling around the Owasso tree farm and seeing a tiny baby all bundled up. I thought how fun it would be to bring our own little one. Friday wasn't exactly "bundle up" weather, since it was in the mid 70s, but it was still so fun with Josie.

Here we are riding the hay wagon around the farm. She laughed and pointed the whole time.

This is the 3 of us together.
Here she is with Daddy amid the billions of trees. Which one for us?

We weren't sure if she'd try to pull it down once we got it home, but even with all of the decorations she hasn't done much with it. She points to it every morning when she first wakes up, but otherwise just ignores it.

It was also very nice to spend all weekend with Daddy. Here is a cute video we shot:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Toilet Papering is fun for all ages, I guess.

About a month ago, Josie discovered toilet paper. There was something fascinating about unrolling the roll into a big white blob on the floor. Redirection didn't really work as a disciplining tool, nor did "NO" so I took the roll off the little contraption where it sits so nicely and rolls off so easily and put it on top of the toilet.

Every so often however, the toilet paper roll manages it's way into her arms reach. Sometimes I think it falls from it's lofty spot way above her. Sometimes I think daddy accidentally leaves it on the floor after he is *ahem* finished using it. On those days I come into the bathroom only to find her eating toilet paper or ripping it into small pieces. I tell her "no, baby" and I clean it off the floor and out of her mouth and return the remains of the toilet paper roll high above her again.

Well, today I was taking a shower. I had placed some toys on the carpet near me and planned to sneak a peek every minute or two. Usually she comes and stands up by the tub and throws things in at my feet while I shower. Usually it's only a minute or two until she's either soaked from the rogue sprays as I wash my hair or crying because she wants in or up or something besides just standing there.

But today, she sat quietly on the floor. I was reveling in my nice, warm, uninterrupted shower until I looked past the curtain to see her unraveling the toilet paper all over the bathroom floor. And do you know what I did??


I let her quietly play while I took a LONG, RELAXING shower.

Then I took a picture of the mess.

And now that she is napping....I'll go clean it up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So fun.
Our little lobster

Trick or treating with Daddy
Out with all Josie's cousins
This is my favorite picture. Notice:
1) drool all over her chest
2) sucker in her mouth
3) candy tightly held in each hand
It was a very fun weekend.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Video of Silly Josie

Jocelyn is quickly becoming very good at imitation. She learned this one from her Daddy. She'll do it anytime you scrunch up your face and breathe heavy (you can hear me in the background)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun at the Fair

We took Josie to the Tulsa State Fair last Friday night. She really loved it.

The evening started out a little rocky when she got mad that we put her shoes and socks BACK on and added a hat
However she calmed down a little to look at all of the animals.

Then we headed over to the "construction zone" where she had a blast waving the blocks around. She didn't really get the idea of building, but she liked watching the other children and crawling around.

Of course, she did like knocking buildings down. Daddy didn't mind too much
(I think)
Next we headed over to the sand pit, which she also enjoyed until...
...she tried to lick the sand.

We left the children's zone and braved the weather as we walked the midway.

She loved all of the lights

and didn't mind the cold at all.

She LOVED funnel cake!

By the end of the evening she was very tired and ready to head home. She fell asleep quickly in the car on the ride home, but of course not before pulling off her shoes and socks. Again.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Games for Babies

Sticky Situation

When your baby has mastered the knack of picking up and manipulating toys, she's ready for the surprise silliness of this captivating challenge.

Appropriate for: 9 to 18 months
Skills developed: Fine motor, hand-eye coordination
What you'll need: A piece of contact paper, tape, and a few small toys

Take a piece of sticky contact paper, the kind you use for lining drawers and shelves, and place it, sticky side up, on your kitchen floor. Then tape it down securely along all four edges. (You can put some wrapping paper down first for extra floor protection.)

Gather an assortment of small toys and arrange them on the paper, pushing down on them to make sure they're firmly adhering. Then show your baby the toys and encourage her to pick them up – or try to. You'll both get a good laugh as your baby figures out how to get them unstuck.

Once all the toys are rescued, help her press her hands onto the contact paper. She's likely to be fascinated with the sensation of the sticky surface pulling at her palms as you help her lift each finger and put it down again. Of course, if she doesn't like the sticky feeling, don't force the issue.

Remember: Each baby develops at a different pace, so if yours isn't quite ready for this week's activities, don't worry — just try them again in a few weeks

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sooner Born and Sooner Bred

Even though it's been a disappointing season so far for the Oklahoma Sooners, the Blake's are NOT fairweather fans (ok, Alex is, but I'm not and as you'll see neither is Josie).

We started out before the season dressing her in Crimson and Cream

For the first game of the season, we traveled to Dallas to with OU take on mommy's most hated college football team:BYU

Here is Josie hanging out before the game with buddy Cailyn.
Me, Josie and Aunt Jessica before the game
And a good family shot before the anger and disappointment began.

Here is another picture from before the Idaho State game. It ended up being rainy for Alex and I but Josie hung out nice and dry with Thomas

We watched the OU/TU victory with Grandma, but have no pictures :( Our plans are to travel to Edmond to watch the OU/Texas game with some friends of mine from college. Josie is excited to hang out with Nash and Collier. She has a special anti-Texas onsie just for this game!

Her first words are going to be BOOMER SOONER!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Picky Eater

Ever since Josie's check up about 3 weeks ago I've been VERY stressed out about how much she is eating. She seems to me to be very picky. It seems as though she wants less and less to do with baby food, even the sweet potatoes and squash she loved last month. Lately, she's been rejecting all of her old favorites. Most recently her favorite "trick" is to chew up food and then spit it out. Last night it was bananas (usually a sure-to-eat favorite of mine) and this morning Cheerio's!

I went online to see what I was doing wrong. I found a few good tips on and also this website I found extremely helpful:

Basically, I need to relax and keep offering a wide variety of food. I found out it was normal she's less interested in baby food and that I need to give her an easier time with eating because it's all new to her.

I've decided on a new strategy. THREE. I'll offer her 3 things at every meal. One that I feed to her. The other two will be finger foods, one that she normally likes and one that is new or she hasn't liked yet. She can eat as much of any of them as she wants. I'm also going to stop buy puffs because of their low calorie and nutritional content. Cheerio's and other whole grain cereals are better I think. I'll stick with the whole wheat cookies and yogurt drops though.

When she chews up food and spits it out I'm going to say "no" and then walk away. When she eats I'm going to go over the top in praise. I'll try to offer juice a couple times a week but so far juice and formula in a cup is widely unsuccessful, she just loves water.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Early Christmas Present #1

This week we went over to visit GG (my mother's mother). Josie is her first great-grandchild (my sister and I are her only grandchildren) and before Josie was even born GG was buying her presents. Finally, about a month ago she made the declaration that she wasn't going to buy anymore presents for her until Christmas and her birthday. That only lasted a few weeks.

When we went over there on Tuesday GG had a Christmas present that she wanted to give Josie early. Three months early? Ha! That's GG for you. Anyway, nobody is complaining, Josie loves it:

We named the horse "Boomer" and Josie loves him. It occupies her attention for a full 10 minutes sometimes (and if you know my daughter, that is almost an eternity for her).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Camera

The last few weeks have been really nice. Jocelyn and I are enjoying the cooler weather. She is such a fan of the outdoors. We've been playing outside nearly everyday and working in the flower beds.

We also went to my old work and visited all of my co-workers. They all love seeing Josie and can't believe how big she is (Can I say that I LOVE not working there anymore).

We've taken a couple of trips to some OU games. We had lots of fun visiting with Aunt Jessica, John and Mandy and their children, and Kendall and Kenta and their son Thomas. We also watched the Sooners play with Grandma and Grandpa on their giant TV. Josie has learned to clap and she likes to clap when the Sooners get touchdowns. She does not like it when everyone yells at the Sooners after a bad play. She gets a little scared and crys.

She's also got two more teeth. They came in on the top, but not in the front. On the side like little vampire fangs! Kind of cute, kind of creepy.

So, you might be thinking at this point: Let's see some of these pictures! Dumb bunny Mommy left her camera in Norman. Aunt Jessica picked it up, but it's still with her. I should get it back next time she comes to Tulsa to visit. I'll get all of our fun adventures posted soon. Until then, here are some pictures courtesy of Kendall during our trip to the OU/Idaho game.

Here are Thomas and Jocelyn hanging out in Norman. They are two months apart and quite a cute couple!

Apparently, Thomas and Josie became fast friends because here she is giving him kisses on his head. I wonder what he thought?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 month check-up

Although she's still about a week and a half shy of 9 months, we had her check up today. I usually go to the doctors just a little bit excited. I like going place and so does Josie. She loves interacting with new people. I left, however, a bit sad.

First, Josie is too little. The doctor is concerned and I have to start giving her formula with every feeding. The doctor thinks Josie is having to work too hard nursing and gets bored and wants to go play (which, is how she acts)

Second, Josie had a double ear infection. What!?! I was really shocked. She has no fever, she doesn't cry and never messes with her ears. The only thing is she has been waking up in the middle of the night a little more, but I figured that was a phase. Now she's on antibiotics for 10 days.

Third, Josie got a flu shot. I was excited that this checkup there were going to be no immunizations. It's heart wrenching for me to watch her get shots.

So, now I have to go back again in 2 weeks to check on her ears and then again 2 weeks after that to get her flu booster.

The doctor did say that she was really strong for her age and also seemed impressed that this was only her first ear infection. I guess.

Her Stats at 9 months:

27 3/4 inches = 74th%
15 lbs 10.5 oz = 10th%

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Skills

Jocelyn was so emo yesterday. She'd be fine one second and then screaming for no reason the next. (Flash forward to teenage years with a grimice on my face). I could tell she wasn't feeling great, but I wasn't really sure what was wrong.

Last night I had a conversation with a friend about her son's teething experience. This morning I decided to check to see if that could have been why Josie was so cranky yesterday and guess what!? A little tiny razor sharp tooth has broken through on top :)

She's been full of new fun things that she can do. Here are the highlights:

*She clapped yesterday for the first time. Alex and I got very excited and she smiled at us.
*She said "gaa" which was the first time to make that sound. She hasn't done it again, but she is perfect at saying "da" and "a-da-t". We don't know what that means yet though.
*She has mastered crawling, even up and down one step.
*She can pull to standing easily. She'll walk down holding on to the couch when bated with my cell phone
*She can feed herself finger foods like puffs, Cheerios and beans. She's getting more and more accurate from hand to mouth too.

Cute huh?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Advanced Peek-a-boo

This is a game I found on babycenter that I'm going to try with Josie. Thought I'd share.

Appropriate for: 8 to 18 months
Skills developed: Understanding of object permanence, fine motor
What you'll need: Cardboard, pens, scraps of cloth, scissors, glue

Remember that page in Pat the Bunny where you can lift up a slip of cloth and see Paul's face? Taking this as inspiration, make your own peekaboo pictures, using different characters and facial expressions.

On several sturdy pieces of cardboard, draw simple sketches of people, each with a happy, sad, or grumpy expression. Or cut out pictures from a magazine instead. Then cut rectangular pieces of cloth a little taller than each figure. Use glue to attach the cloth just above each picture, creating a flap that lifts up. When the glue is dry, show your baby how to raise the flaps. Make up a story about the person underneath, and end it with your baby "finding" the face.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Growth Spurt

Last week I was slightly stressed out to realize that my baby is tiny! I weighed her and got online to find out she's in the 10th percentile. She's slowing dropped from average to small. But, just in the last two days she's showing all of the signs of a growth spurt.

***Two very long naps yesterday. For all who know her, that almost never happens!
***She ate her weight in baby food yesterday. I just couldn't feed her enough, especially last night when she ate 2 jars of babyfood (normally she barely finishes off one) + 1/2 cup of cereal + half a scrambled egg + 10,000 gerber puffs
***Normally she wakes up at 7am. It's 9am--still sleeping!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Just as she turned 6 months, Jocelyn cut her first tooth. Almost exactly 2 weeks later, I noticed that the second one had popped through. Overall, teething wasn't as bad as I had expected. She was a bit more fussy than normal, but I think our experience was pretty mild.

Josie is interested in everything that I do and has always been fascinated when I brush my teeth. So after her bottom two teeth came in I bought her a toothbrush. It's Dora The Explorer. She loves it.

Now, in this particular set of pictures she got a little confused at which end to put in her mouth. But usually she is really good at brushing her own teeth. I brush them first and that always produces a huge smile. Then I hand her the toothbrush. She sticks it in her mouth and looks at me as if to say "see, I can do it too Mama".

Yesterday after I brushed her teeth and handed over the Dora toothbrush I started to brush my own teeth and sat down next to Jocelyn so she could watch. With her own toothbrush in her mouth she started moving her arm back and forth as if she was really brushing! She did it with this look on her face that was a mix of both determination and eagerness to show off. She is such a funny girl.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The technological generation

Babies now-a-days are born knowing how to use technology. See below:

She pretty much loves the remote.

And the cell phone:

Oh and she loves the computer too. She likes to bang on the keys. Josie also goes after the headphones, though she mostly likes to chew on them, this morning she let us put them on her ears.

It's going to be depressing the first time I hear "Geez Mom, how do you not know how to work the...". Until then, she's a pretty fun little baby.