Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun in the Tub

Today after our ward picnic some of our friends were going swimming. I really wanted to go too, but I thought that Josie had probably had had enough sun. However, when I got home I had an idea!

The bumbo was a little too buoyant. We had to hold onto it the whole time so it didn't topple over. She didn't seem to mind.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mother's Intiuition

Let me preface the post by saying that I'm really strict at night. (And I hardly ever hear her at all at night) I don't get out of bed for very much. An I'm-going-to-die-of-hunger scream is about all Jocelyn can do to rouse her mother. I certainly won't get up for a little fussing and definitely not for a tiny wimper.

But that is what I heard in the wee hours of the morning, a tiny, sad little wimper. And I knew immediately that I needed to go check on her.

And I found my little baby, twisted up on her stomach amid the giant blanket, very sad. She has never slept on her stomach and couldn't fall back asleep. She's rolled over but lacked both the coordination (probably the blanket was hindering her efforts also) and the wakefulness (she was half asleep) and the space to manage to roll back over to her back. It was a pitiful sight. Mommy made it all better.

For all of your unbelievers out there (*clears throat* Mom and Dad) here is a video we took of her rolling over yesterday in the evening.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Proud Mama

Isn't it amazing how you just swell with pride at the smallest little thing that your baby does? Today I almost burst open. Josie and I were both hanging out on the floor. She was laying on her back playing with her feet and blowing raspberries and I was making some phone calls. I was also laying on my back and not really paying much attention to her. Then I sat up and saw that she was nearly on her stomach but her left arm was squished underneath her still. She tried for a couple of more seconds, half on her side, half on her stomach and then rolled back to her back. I continued to watch her and she rolled herself back over about a minute later. This time she stayed on her side/stomach for a few seconds making funny grunting noises. Then all of a sudden she yanked her arm out from under her and she was on her stomach! She rolled from back to belly! I was so excited that I called Alex at work even though I'm only supposed to call for really important things.

Additionally, for all of you enthralled in the nap/cereal saga...she took only 1 nap today. It lasted about 2 hours but consisted of time in the crib, time nursing and time in the bouncy chair. It was still nice to have such a large chunk of time to get things done.

And, all of a sudden today she loved her cereal! She would grab my hand and pull the spoon in closer and make noises if I was too slow. When did my little baby get so smart and big?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ms. Personality

In the last week or so, Jocelyn's personality has emerged in full force. It has been quite funny to watch. I think she has her daddy's exuberant social skills and my need for constant entertainment and interaction.

When she wants to be, she is such a charmer. I brought her back to my old work yesterday and she was such a ham. She smiled at everyone, laughed and talked so much. She's quite the talker these days.

She's also high strung like me. Small things often get her all upset. I purchased an "Exersaucer" (pictures to come when I find my camera), which she seems to like except when she wants to pull the toys into her mouth (which she can't do). Then she gets angry and screams.

But mostly she's just a doll. Very cute and very fun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Naps and Cereal-update

For those of you who follow the blog, you know I've been having trouble with both naps and introducing cereal. I thought I just might give you an update to the ongoing process.

Cereal- I re-introduced rice cereal this week. It's coming along much better. We had a breakthrough today when she even opened her mouth nice and wide as the spoon came up with "yummy" cereal. I actually saw her swallow today too. A lot still ended up all over though.

Naps- This is not getting much better. She is really resistant to fall asleep during the day (she's an angel every night though). Some days she sleeps as little as 3 twenty minute naps or 2 half hour naps. Yesterday, she napped for 6 hours! Let me explain (because I wasn't super happy about it). She fell asleep after nursing around 3:30. She stayed alseep in her bouncy chair until 6pm. I left as Alex was getting home. I guess he didn't understand that she'd been asleep for so long so he left her in the dark bedroom with the vibrating bouncy chair. When I got home at 9 she was just stirring.

The biggest shock: She nursed again and went to bed! Slept until 6:30am. Must have needed it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At my shower, I had a list of features like eye color, nose shape, intelligence, etc of the new baby. I had to choose which parent I would like her to get the particular feature from.

When it came to hair color, I remember being quite perplexed. I have brown hair, but everyone else in my family has blonde. Alex has a brown hair with a distinct reddish tinge. Others in his family range from dark brown to bright red.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from Jocelyn. She was born with dark hair that began to fall out around 2 months. Now it's growing back in.

When I saw this picture yesterday against the yellow shirt I thought it looked so red. I think it is growing back in Alex's color. I really think it's cute. Look at her little red eyebrows.

It definitly isn't from me, as you can tell in this picture of the two of us.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jekyll and Hyde

Most of the time, Jocelyn is a little angel. She's sweet and happy, calm and easy-going. Most of the time she's happy with who ever is around. Most of the time, she's great to take to the store or out to eat. Most of the time she just hangs out with Alex and me and we have a blast.

And then there was yesterday. Every 5 seconds she was crying about something. ALL DAY. Nothing made her happy. She screamed for an hour in the evening. She was just unhappy for no reason that I could figure out. It started in the morning and finally ended when she went to sleep (which she cried about). It was really un-fun.

Then this morning my precious, perfect little girl was back. Today was the best day ever. She was SO FUN. Curious about everything, talking like crazy, smiling and laughing at everything. I LOVE it when she's like this.

It's funny to me how she's just this little person with a very dynamic personality. I can already tell she's very strong willed. I guess I didn't realize that part of her would develop so soon. It surprises me how much of a person she already is.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I started giving Josie rice cereal last Monday. I've given it to her every day since with either formula or breast milk. She doesn't really seem to like it. She also doesn't really seem to dislike it. I thought maybe she'd catch on after a few days, however she continues to look at me with an expression on her face that says "why do you keep shoving that spoon in my mouth"?

I think I'm going to wait another week and then try again. Your experiences?