Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Jocelyn had a great 1st Thanksgiving weekend. On Thursday we headed to my parents to eat. Delicious.

On Sunday, we celebrated with Alex's family. It was very fun to watch Josie interact with her cousins. She may be the littlest, but she jumps right in there with all of them.

But, my favorite part of the Thanksgiving weekend was getting our Christmas tree! I've been looking forward to this since last year. I remember last year being very pregnant and waddling around the Owasso tree farm and seeing a tiny baby all bundled up. I thought how fun it would be to bring our own little one. Friday wasn't exactly "bundle up" weather, since it was in the mid 70s, but it was still so fun with Josie.

Here we are riding the hay wagon around the farm. She laughed and pointed the whole time.

This is the 3 of us together.
Here she is with Daddy amid the billions of trees. Which one for us?

We weren't sure if she'd try to pull it down once we got it home, but even with all of the decorations she hasn't done much with it. She points to it every morning when she first wakes up, but otherwise just ignores it.

It was also very nice to spend all weekend with Daddy. Here is a cute video we shot:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Toilet Papering is fun for all ages, I guess.

About a month ago, Josie discovered toilet paper. There was something fascinating about unrolling the roll into a big white blob on the floor. Redirection didn't really work as a disciplining tool, nor did "NO" so I took the roll off the little contraption where it sits so nicely and rolls off so easily and put it on top of the toilet.

Every so often however, the toilet paper roll manages it's way into her arms reach. Sometimes I think it falls from it's lofty spot way above her. Sometimes I think daddy accidentally leaves it on the floor after he is *ahem* finished using it. On those days I come into the bathroom only to find her eating toilet paper or ripping it into small pieces. I tell her "no, baby" and I clean it off the floor and out of her mouth and return the remains of the toilet paper roll high above her again.

Well, today I was taking a shower. I had placed some toys on the carpet near me and planned to sneak a peek every minute or two. Usually she comes and stands up by the tub and throws things in at my feet while I shower. Usually it's only a minute or two until she's either soaked from the rogue sprays as I wash my hair or crying because she wants in or up or something besides just standing there.

But today, she sat quietly on the floor. I was reveling in my nice, warm, uninterrupted shower until I looked past the curtain to see her unraveling the toilet paper all over the bathroom floor. And do you know what I did??


I let her quietly play while I took a LONG, RELAXING shower.

Then I took a picture of the mess.

And now that she is napping....I'll go clean it up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So fun.
Our little lobster

Trick or treating with Daddy
Out with all Josie's cousins
This is my favorite picture. Notice:
1) drool all over her chest
2) sucker in her mouth
3) candy tightly held in each hand
It was a very fun weekend.