Saturday, December 26, 2009


Our little baby is ONE today!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Apparently, she doesn't like tuna

I think this video speaks for itself:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rhema's Lights

We took little Josie to see the lights at Rhema on Saturday night. She looked so cute with her little mittens on, and I was pleased that she left them alone. She pointed at everything and said "Wassat"? I am LOVING Christmas with a nearly 1 year old.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Claus

The first picture is at our ward Christmas Party. While I appreciate that sweet brother dressing up like Santa, he forgot to look at the camera so we didn't get a good picture (of Santa, Josie looked great!)

Today we went to the mall to sit on his lap and hopefully get a better picture. Once again, she did fantastic. She just sat there on his lap and smiled for the camera. The cutest part though, was when I went to get her off of Santa's lap she turned around and stuck her arms out for Santa. He reached back and I set her back down. She gave Santa the LONGEST hug ever. He just hugged her back. They would have stayed that way longer but the line was long and I didn't want people to get mad. It was a very sweet moment. I hope she always loves Santa Claus so much.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wal-Mart Photo Shoot

Back in July I sent some pictures of Josie to a modeling agency recommended by a friend. They were very honest about how they don't get a lot of work for babies, but it only cost $10 to "enroll", so I did it. Josie loves getting her picture taken and I thought it would be fun if we ever got called.

A couple of weeks ago, we did get called! They asked us to send some more pictures of her. The "client", who ended up being Wal-Mart, liked the pictures and we set up an appointment to come in and get a few more pictures taken. They liked those too so yesterday we went to Arkansas for her formal shoot.

Before you get too excited there were MANY other babies chosen. They are doing several different diaper and wipe product packaging. They choose 4 or 5 babies for each one and I think they'll choose the final picture from those. So it's not like Josie is for sure going to be on anything.

Still, the experience was very cool. My mom and I drove down there yesterday. We left early to make sure we made it on time and went out to lunch in Springdale. When we got to the studio they called her back for hair and makeup. They had a make up artist named Shelly in from New York. Josie didn't love this part and kept trying to push her hands away. I still think she did pretty good because she didn't cry or fuss really. After a little powder and blush and a little work on her hair we went out and met with the next lady. We stripped her down and got into her diaper.

Then on to the next station. There was a white platform set up in front of a white back drop. Several photographers were waiting. There was also a "baby wrangler" in charge of getting Josie to smile. She had all kinds of props and toys. All of the images on the camera were filtered to a giant computer screen where three other women watched all the images that came in.

Josie did fantastic. She's quite a little ham and loved all of the attention. They were trying to get a shot of her crawling so I would pull her back and she'd crawl toward the toy that the baby wrangler had. Then they'd take some pictures and we'd start all over. I only got to see a few of the pictures because the screen was behind me, but I thought they looked great.

The whole process took about an hour and a half. I didn't take any pictures even though I had my camera. I was too afraid they would think I was a geek. I'm really curious to know what will happen next. Hopefully Josie out photographed all of the other babies. Maybe they'll notify us? Look for her cute face on Wal-Mart brand fragrance free wipes!