Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Gymnast

As most of you know, since I was 7 I've been involved in gymnastics. I've competed, I've judged, I've taught little kids, I've coached competitive gymnastics. I love it. The minute I found out I was having a little girl the question has been "Aren't you so excited to put her into gymnastics". My answer has been a resounding "NO".

Gymnastics is too time consuming, too dangerous and too expensive. There is no off season. Plus, I don't want to stop coaching and I don't want to coach her. I want her to choose something I know nothing about so I can happily clap and encourage from the stands.

But, as her personality developed it was clear she was perfect for gymnastics. She loves being the center of attention, she loves jumping and flipping, she has no fear, she's quite strong. My friends at the gym convinced me to put her into a 2 year old class (even though she's not even 2 yet). I took her, hoping to help her burn a little energy and secretly hoping she would be too young and wouldn't fit in.

And she loved it. LOVED IT. She gets so excited when I tell her we have gymnastics. She screams with joy when we drive up to the gym. She loves "walking the beam" as she says. She loves the bars and the tramp. She loves the flips. She loves it all.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree

Picking out our Christmas tree from the Owasso Tree Farm is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Since Alex and I got married, we go every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year, Josie was very excited to go get our tree, even though she probably still didn't really understand what was going to happen. Now, she thinks it's really fun to have a tree in our house. She is being a very good little girl and not messing with the ornaments.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Learning to put on clothes

I have to tell you what is happening right now as I type. Josie is trying to put on her own pants. It isn't going well for the poor little thing.

I started to put her little legs inside the pants a few minutes ago, to which the response was:

"No, no, no, Mama, I do it!"

I watched as she successfully got both legs through and then stood up to pull her pants up. The problem was that she was standing on the legs so the pants wouldn't move up to her little bum.

I waited a few minutes and showed her how to pull her feet all the way through before she stood up. She actually got it (shockingly) and took the free help. She still couldn't quite get it.

At this point, I left the angry yelling baby in the living room and went to get my own clothes on. I could hear her the whole time grunting and yelling like an angry old man. Every now and then I'd yell in "Do you want some help?"

She yells back "I DON'T WANT THE HELP!" Yes, she actually said that.

A bit more screaming and the top of her lungs and more mumbling "I don't want help".

Then just as I was sitting down she brought in the pants into the computer room with a big smile on her face and handed them to me.

I bet we do this again tomorrow.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Fair

Last weekend we took Josie to the Tulsa State Fair. Alex and I had been really excited about it since we had so much fun last year. This year was quite a bit more work since Josie is SO independent, but still lots of fun.

Daddy and Josie eating popcorn waiting for the dog show.

Josie with the baby chicks
Looking at the sheep
Petting a baby goat. She gave it a hug and a kiss. It was pretty cute.
She loved the bunnies and tried to wiggle her nose at them.
Then got to pet one
After the animals, we went to get something to eat. Josie LOVED it all, clearly taking after both her parents. Then she spent a little time jumping it off:

The kids area: Blocks. We were just happy she didn't try to knock anyone elses work down.
Loved the sand area. I'm not sure this girl loved her messing with her mound.
But she's so darn cute, who can get mad?
On Daddy's shoulders
Yummy funnel cake

Alex and I agreed that our favorite part of the whole night was the sky ride. It was the only ride that she could go on and she just loved it. Mommy was a bit scared when she tried to stick her head out the window. All of the lights from the fair were so pretty and it was fun to watch Josie on her first ever ride.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

When I was little, I remember reading this book with my mother:

Now I have my own little helper. Josie loves to help. She runs around behind me and says "helky" and jumps in. Her favorite thing to do is help sweep the kitchen. The only problem is the broom is 10 sizes too big for her.

She really enjoys helping with laundry. She helps me sort (kind of) the clothes and then put them in the washer. She'll also put wet clothes I hand her into the dryer.

She does a good job helping with the dishes (I set her on the counter and she puts her plastic cups into and out of dishwasher while I unload the actual dishes), she helps vacuum (aka "boppee") by running around as close to the vacuum without getting hit as I move it back and forth. She also helps "cook" while I make dinner sometimes.

Josie loves to help water the plants both inside and out
and helping me fix things when they break While sometimes her "help" can be a little extra work, I really love that she does my boring chores with me during the day. Here we are last Friday dressed in our cleaning garb. We got a lot of work done that day. It must have been the handkerchiefs.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ice Cream

Until recently, Josie has only wanted things that she could see. She would only want to play bubbles if she saw the bubble container or eat crackers if she saw the cracker box out. Recently though, she's been asking for things that I've hidden away (like her annoying talking toys).

The other evening, completely out of the blue she turns to me and says "Want Ah-kee". Now, I was pretty sure that she wanted ice cream, but since no one had talked about ice cream and she hadn't seen any I was skeptical that I was understanding her correctly. That was until she grabbed my hand and marched me to the freezer. She kept pointing at it saying "ah-kee" over and over again. I was so impressed that she had recalled the word for ice cream with no prompting AND knew that it was in the freezer (we don't have ice cream that much) I let her have some.

She thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The official annoucement

Baby Blake #2 is due January 29th, 2011. I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and FINALLY beginning to feel better after a very rough summer.
Even though Josie is obviously crying in the picture, it was because I was trying to take away her cookies in order to get a better shot. I eventually gave up. I can't say that she is excited, or not excited for that matter, about the new baby however she points to my stomach and says "bebe" and then gives it hugs and kisses.
Looks like I'll have to rename the blog "The Little OneS"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I decided to write a little about Josie's EVER growing vocabulary. She likes to talk. A. Lot.

At first it was easy to see that she was repeating and learning words that we were teaching her. For a long time, she only ever said words that I had specifically pointed out to her, that I had worked with her on learning. Things like "cat", "dog", "shoes", etc.

However, several times a week I hear her say something and I think "where did you learn to say that?" For example, the other afternoon we were looking at pictures on the computer. We came to some from the winter when we had our winter storms and she said "snow". She's never seen snow since she started talking and I had never looked at those pictures before. There is a weather Elmo...

She's also started using possessive words like "my" and "mine". She can also say "mommy's" and "daddy's". She says "my Elmo" (referring to her doll) frequently and she is obsessed with "mommy's shoes". She also correctly used the word "I" the other day which totally shocked me. She wanted something off the counter to play with and she kept saying "I see" over and over until I gave it to her to "see".

Her favorite sentence is "It's a mess" or "That's yucky". It's a humbling experience when you year and a half old daughter finds scuff marks on the wall and says "Mommy, It's a mess.", with a wrinkle of her tiny little nose.

Of course her favorite word is "NO!". I wish I could convey the way it sounds, almost like she's offended that I would even ask whatever the question was. It's quite funny actually. She shakes her head and knots up her fists when she is really serious about it too. To give a little balance, occasionally she will reply with "Mmm-hmm" with a nod of the head if the question was something like "Josie, would you like to eat a cookie?", or some other equally fun thing in her mind.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July-2nd Edition

Josie very much enjoyed her 2nd Independence Day. We went to Veterans Park with all of the Blake family. There is lots of food, lots of activities and lots of fun. She particularly LOVED the bounce house. You would have thought the girl was 5 or 6 the way she jumped and tumbled with all of the big kids. Unfortunately for her, it was quite scary for her mom and dad and she only got to do it at the beginning of the evening when there were fewer kids.

She loved playing ball with her cousins. We had Kate, Jackson and her all throwing the ball back and forth. She also tried to play with Daddy.

When the fireworks started she got SO excited. She jumped off my lap and went running toward them as if she was trying to catch them. It took a lot of coaxing but we finally got her to sit and watch them. If there was every a pause, she would say "more"??

And here is our little family.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

18 Months

Our little Josie with a big personality. She turned 18 months on Saturday and had her check up today. She's only 21lbs and 14.5ozs which still puts her in the 10th percentile. She's average for height and head.

While she might be little in size, she sure has a lot to say. Last Friday, just out of curiosity, I wrote down all of the words she said. There were over 40 different words, including several phrases (like "wash hands") and a few sentances ("I want down"). She will repeat just about any word we give her. Today it was doctor and circle.

Josie LOVES Elmo and is contantly asking to watch Elmo. She also has an Elmo Live doll that she carries around and reads too. It's pretty dang cute. She also loves playing with her ball (she calls it a blllaa). Her other obsession is water. She likes to sit on the sink and "brush her teeth", water the plants inside and out, and splash in the pool with Grandma and Grandpa.

Josie also loves her Daddy. Every morning she asks for him. Usually, he's already at work. When he comes home for lunch she screams "Daddy!!" and runs over to give him kisses. And every night after she drinks her milk she reaches over to him to put her to sleep.

If you live far away, I wish there was some way you could get to know her. It's so hard to describe her in just a few paragraphs. Every day is it's own adventure with Josie.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A little scared

She'll climb up onto the table, go kiss a dog twice her size and run away at the mall but she's afraid of the drain!

Friday, May 14, 2010


This morning Josie was playing with her books when she emphatically started pointing at one of the covers saying "gucko" over and over again. The book at a lamb on the front and I had no idea what she was saying.

A few hours later I got some strawberries out of the fridge to wash them for snack and she started emphatically saying "gucko, gucko, gucko!!" again. I stopped for a second stunned and then went to look at the book cover again. In the bottom corner were three tiny mushrooms with red caps. I'm not sure where she got the word "gucko" for strawberries but here she is:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Library Story Time

When I went last week to the library I found out that they have a story time especially for younger children. The group meets once a week and is designed for kids age 1 to 3. I decided to take her on Wednesday. I think she had a pretty good time.

She didn't really sit for the stories. We started out singing a song to help the kids get their hands in their laps (Open Shut them...). She seemed fascinated with all of the other children there (At least a dozen). During the first and second story, she was much more intrigued with the carpet. It had animals around the outside and letters around the inside. She started pointing to every letter and saying "A". It was pretty cute. I didn't feel to badly about her being up because there were a few other children meandering around the carpet as well.

As she was crawling around the carpet pointing at letters, she noticed a little girl with Elmo on her shirt. The other mother was very nice and let my tiny toddler point and poke her daughter's Elmo shirt.

The best part of the whole event was the jingle bell song. The kids got a circle of jingle bells and they got to dance and shake them during the music and then had to freeze when the music stopped. Oh my you should have seen this girl. She immediately got herself out in the middle of the carpet so all of the children and all of their parents could see her and she proceeded to dance dance dance! She shook her jingle bells, then she shook her bootie. Then she stomped her feet, looked at her audience and giggled. Then she started all over again. She had the whole place laughing and exclaiming how cute she was.

Aside from the bubbles at the very end, she was less than interested in doing anything else but dance and shake jingle bells. She was clearly sad when it was time to put them away but rebounded well by noticing a cow painted on the wall. She's just recently learned to say "moo" so that entertained her until the group was done. The librarian commented at the end that she had "held her own with the big kids" because she was by far the smallest and youngest there.

Here is a picture of Josie today after we ran errands. I thought it was so funny how she was just laying there with her feet crossed watching Elmo. Thank goodness for DVR.

One more thing while I have your attention. We went to the mall today and I let her play in the children's area. She has watched others slide down the slide before and she's walked over to it kind of curious. Today she figured out how to go up the stairs and down the slide. I was just sitting watching her when all of a sudden she just super-man slid on her belly all the way down. She did it another 7 or 8 times before moving on to other toys.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a busy month!

For weeks I've been wanting to catch up on our busy month. Even my mom noticed I hadn't been blogging lately. Maybe someday I'll get to it but instead of putting off writing a long blog post I thought I'd at least put some recent pictures up.

This is on my birthday with my sweet baby.

We went to the library. She loved it. I bet the poor librarians didn't love her because all she wanted to do was pull off the books from the shelf.

We also went to the zoo with my sister-in-law and Josie's cousin. Here are the three little monkies.

With all of the beautiful weather we've been having, we've spent LOTS of time outside. Josie learned to pick dandilions. It's cute when she tries to blow the seeds.

And thats a bit of what we've been up to lately.

Friday, April 9, 2010

15 Month Check up

She's still tall and skinny. She weighs 20lbs and 7.5oz (10th%) and is 2 1/2 feet tall (50th%). Three shots :( but a very healthy little girl!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We all love Elmo

Josie loves Elmo. So do I and even Alex too. Sesame Street is just about the only show I let her watch right now. Her favorite is Elmo's World and we've all pretty much fallen in love with Elmo. He is very cute and actually quite funny if you sit down to watch him (which I do, because it is the only time I get that girl to cuddle).

This was one of the clips the other day. I love Ricky Gervais. I think Elmo is hilarious in this too. I laughed so hard.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Teenager

A few days ago Alex and I were sitting in the living room. When I looked over, I noticed Josie walking down the hall to her bedroom. I watched her walk in and close the door. I waited a few seconds before following her down the hall to check out what exactly she was doing in her bedroom with the door closed at15 months.

When I opened the door she was sitting on the floor pretending to talk on her phone. 15 months old!? Ha! More like 15 years old.

She talks on her phone by putting it behind her head. Check it out:

She's also working on her texting skills and talking while driving skills. Who did she learn that from?