Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Oh what a darling little girl I have!

Every night our routine is the same. She knows it too, which is quite adorable. She's always one step ahead of us.

We start by reading a scripture and then say a prayer. Usually she's already folding her arms before we're done reading. The second that we say "Amen" she's saying "bath? bath? bath?" in an almost high pitched squeal because she is so excited about it.

While I give Josie her bath, Alex picks up and makes her bottle. Her and I sit on the couch while she drinks her milk. When she is finished, she pushes the bottle away and asks for Daddy who then takes her into the bedroom.

I think it's so cute to hear her yell out "bath" or watch her fold her arms. It's the sweetest thing when she asks for Daddy and reaches for him with her tiny little hands. But my favorite is that every night as Alex takes her slowly into the bedroom and I stay on the couch she turns and looks at me and waves goodnight as she goes into the hallway. It is just darling.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Non-Picky Eater

If you'd asked me 6 months ago, I would have told you all of my woes of having a picky eater and how I thought Jocelyn was going to be such a challenge to get her to eat.

What?!? I'm such an idiot sometimes.

That baby can eat. Of course we had to teach her sign language and she walks around all day signing "more" at us. She doesn't stop eating. Ever.

She'll eat pretty much whatever we give her with a few exceptions. She doesn't like cottage cheese. (She doesn't really like regular cheese all that much). And, well, that is all I can think of that she won't eat.

Her favorites are dry cereal, grapes, bananas, macaroni and water. She would eat those for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let her. Ready for this one? She also LOVES:


A few weeks ago when I steamed some, I thought it was a fluke when she gobbled it up. But I made some more steamed broccoli last night and she couldn't get enough of it. Who saw that coming?

Does this look like the face of a picky eater?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Steps

We've been wondering when Josie would take her first steps. She hasn't been at all interested in trying on her own. She'd walk holding on to your hands but the minute you let go she'd collapse.

Finally on Monday night Alex and I tried the classic take-a-few-steps-between-each-parent approach. She finally took a few steps! Her biggest problem is that she isn't patient enough (hmm, where could she have gotten that from?) to take a moment to get her balance. She just takes off, usually falling head first into me or Alex. But she definitely took some real steps all on her own.

I wouldn't say she's a "walker" just yet, but I think she's on her way.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Eating with a fork

More and more, I look at Josie and think how much she is already turning into a little girl. This morning was one of those moments. I made pancakes for breakfast this morning and had cut them up into little bites. I set her fork on the table. (Sometimes she eats more when I feed her, others when she feeds herself. I never know which mood she'll be in)

We've given her a fork and a spoon every now and then to play with and start to get more accustomed to using it. She usually only manages to push the food around on the tray, occasionally hooking it on one of the tines but never managing it into her mouth. Except today! She grabbed the fork off of the table and all of a sudden, she could eat nearly perfectly with her fork. It was just as if she woke up today and could coordinate it. She ate the whole pancake (with the exception of a few bites with her fingers) all by herself using the fork.

Even though I was in such surprise, I was able to take a few pictures so I could blog about it.