Friday, May 14, 2010


This morning Josie was playing with her books when she emphatically started pointing at one of the covers saying "gucko" over and over again. The book at a lamb on the front and I had no idea what she was saying.

A few hours later I got some strawberries out of the fridge to wash them for snack and she started emphatically saying "gucko, gucko, gucko!!" again. I stopped for a second stunned and then went to look at the book cover again. In the bottom corner were three tiny mushrooms with red caps. I'm not sure where she got the word "gucko" for strawberries but here she is:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Library Story Time

When I went last week to the library I found out that they have a story time especially for younger children. The group meets once a week and is designed for kids age 1 to 3. I decided to take her on Wednesday. I think she had a pretty good time.

She didn't really sit for the stories. We started out singing a song to help the kids get their hands in their laps (Open Shut them...). She seemed fascinated with all of the other children there (At least a dozen). During the first and second story, she was much more intrigued with the carpet. It had animals around the outside and letters around the inside. She started pointing to every letter and saying "A". It was pretty cute. I didn't feel to badly about her being up because there were a few other children meandering around the carpet as well.

As she was crawling around the carpet pointing at letters, she noticed a little girl with Elmo on her shirt. The other mother was very nice and let my tiny toddler point and poke her daughter's Elmo shirt.

The best part of the whole event was the jingle bell song. The kids got a circle of jingle bells and they got to dance and shake them during the music and then had to freeze when the music stopped. Oh my you should have seen this girl. She immediately got herself out in the middle of the carpet so all of the children and all of their parents could see her and she proceeded to dance dance dance! She shook her jingle bells, then she shook her bootie. Then she stomped her feet, looked at her audience and giggled. Then she started all over again. She had the whole place laughing and exclaiming how cute she was.

Aside from the bubbles at the very end, she was less than interested in doing anything else but dance and shake jingle bells. She was clearly sad when it was time to put them away but rebounded well by noticing a cow painted on the wall. She's just recently learned to say "moo" so that entertained her until the group was done. The librarian commented at the end that she had "held her own with the big kids" because she was by far the smallest and youngest there.

Here is a picture of Josie today after we ran errands. I thought it was so funny how she was just laying there with her feet crossed watching Elmo. Thank goodness for DVR.

One more thing while I have your attention. We went to the mall today and I let her play in the children's area. She has watched others slide down the slide before and she's walked over to it kind of curious. Today she figured out how to go up the stairs and down the slide. I was just sitting watching her when all of a sudden she just super-man slid on her belly all the way down. She did it another 7 or 8 times before moving on to other toys.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a busy month!

For weeks I've been wanting to catch up on our busy month. Even my mom noticed I hadn't been blogging lately. Maybe someday I'll get to it but instead of putting off writing a long blog post I thought I'd at least put some recent pictures up.

This is on my birthday with my sweet baby.

We went to the library. She loved it. I bet the poor librarians didn't love her because all she wanted to do was pull off the books from the shelf.

We also went to the zoo with my sister-in-law and Josie's cousin. Here are the three little monkies.

With all of the beautiful weather we've been having, we've spent LOTS of time outside. Josie learned to pick dandilions. It's cute when she tries to blow the seeds.

And thats a bit of what we've been up to lately.