Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I decided to write a little about Josie's EVER growing vocabulary. She likes to talk. A. Lot.

At first it was easy to see that she was repeating and learning words that we were teaching her. For a long time, she only ever said words that I had specifically pointed out to her, that I had worked with her on learning. Things like "cat", "dog", "shoes", etc.

However, several times a week I hear her say something and I think "where did you learn to say that?" For example, the other afternoon we were looking at pictures on the computer. We came to some from the winter when we had our winter storms and she said "snow". She's never seen snow since she started talking and I had never looked at those pictures before. There is a weather Elmo...

She's also started using possessive words like "my" and "mine". She can also say "mommy's" and "daddy's". She says "my Elmo" (referring to her doll) frequently and she is obsessed with "mommy's shoes". She also correctly used the word "I" the other day which totally shocked me. She wanted something off the counter to play with and she kept saying "I see" over and over until I gave it to her to "see".

Her favorite sentence is "It's a mess" or "That's yucky". It's a humbling experience when you year and a half old daughter finds scuff marks on the wall and says "Mommy, It's a mess.", with a wrinkle of her tiny little nose.

Of course her favorite word is "NO!". I wish I could convey the way it sounds, almost like she's offended that I would even ask whatever the question was. It's quite funny actually. She shakes her head and knots up her fists when she is really serious about it too. To give a little balance, occasionally she will reply with "Mmm-hmm" with a nod of the head if the question was something like "Josie, would you like to eat a cookie?", or some other equally fun thing in her mind.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July-2nd Edition

Josie very much enjoyed her 2nd Independence Day. We went to Veterans Park with all of the Blake family. There is lots of food, lots of activities and lots of fun. She particularly LOVED the bounce house. You would have thought the girl was 5 or 6 the way she jumped and tumbled with all of the big kids. Unfortunately for her, it was quite scary for her mom and dad and she only got to do it at the beginning of the evening when there were fewer kids.

She loved playing ball with her cousins. We had Kate, Jackson and her all throwing the ball back and forth. She also tried to play with Daddy.

When the fireworks started she got SO excited. She jumped off my lap and went running toward them as if she was trying to catch them. It took a lot of coaxing but we finally got her to sit and watch them. If there was every a pause, she would say "more"??

And here is our little family.