Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

When I was little, I remember reading this book with my mother:

Now I have my own little helper. Josie loves to help. She runs around behind me and says "helky" and jumps in. Her favorite thing to do is help sweep the kitchen. The only problem is the broom is 10 sizes too big for her.

She really enjoys helping with laundry. She helps me sort (kind of) the clothes and then put them in the washer. She'll also put wet clothes I hand her into the dryer.

She does a good job helping with the dishes (I set her on the counter and she puts her plastic cups into and out of dishwasher while I unload the actual dishes), she helps vacuum (aka "boppee") by running around as close to the vacuum without getting hit as I move it back and forth. She also helps "cook" while I make dinner sometimes.

Josie loves to help water the plants both inside and out
and helping me fix things when they break While sometimes her "help" can be a little extra work, I really love that she does my boring chores with me during the day. Here we are last Friday dressed in our cleaning garb. We got a lot of work done that day. It must have been the handkerchiefs.