Monday, October 25, 2010

Learning to put on clothes

I have to tell you what is happening right now as I type. Josie is trying to put on her own pants. It isn't going well for the poor little thing.

I started to put her little legs inside the pants a few minutes ago, to which the response was:

"No, no, no, Mama, I do it!"

I watched as she successfully got both legs through and then stood up to pull her pants up. The problem was that she was standing on the legs so the pants wouldn't move up to her little bum.

I waited a few minutes and showed her how to pull her feet all the way through before she stood up. She actually got it (shockingly) and took the free help. She still couldn't quite get it.

At this point, I left the angry yelling baby in the living room and went to get my own clothes on. I could hear her the whole time grunting and yelling like an angry old man. Every now and then I'd yell in "Do you want some help?"

She yells back "I DON'T WANT THE HELP!" Yes, she actually said that.

A bit more screaming and the top of her lungs and more mumbling "I don't want help".

Then just as I was sitting down she brought in the pants into the computer room with a big smile on her face and handed them to me.

I bet we do this again tomorrow.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Fair

Last weekend we took Josie to the Tulsa State Fair. Alex and I had been really excited about it since we had so much fun last year. This year was quite a bit more work since Josie is SO independent, but still lots of fun.

Daddy and Josie eating popcorn waiting for the dog show.

Josie with the baby chicks
Looking at the sheep
Petting a baby goat. She gave it a hug and a kiss. It was pretty cute.
She loved the bunnies and tried to wiggle her nose at them.
Then got to pet one
After the animals, we went to get something to eat. Josie LOVED it all, clearly taking after both her parents. Then she spent a little time jumping it off:

The kids area: Blocks. We were just happy she didn't try to knock anyone elses work down.
Loved the sand area. I'm not sure this girl loved her messing with her mound.
But she's so darn cute, who can get mad?
On Daddy's shoulders
Yummy funnel cake

Alex and I agreed that our favorite part of the whole night was the sky ride. It was the only ride that she could go on and she just loved it. Mommy was a bit scared when she tried to stick her head out the window. All of the lights from the fair were so pretty and it was fun to watch Josie on her first ever ride.