Friday, September 14, 2012

Chef Wanna Be

So, I have a little Chef-to-be
Who is always "helping me" in the kitchen. He loves to play with bowls and kitchen tools. Especially the oven.
This morning we decided to bake cupcakes on this rainy day.
The thing I didn't know was that he'd already put a orange plastic bowl in the oven. So, when I opened the oven after it had preheated. I found A FIRE! I had to throw flour on it. Here is what it looked like (There is no way to describe the horrible smell).
Luckily it wasn't 100 degrees outside because I had to open all of the doors and windows so we didn't get plastic fume poisoning. I was able to scrape the plastic off of the bottom of the stove before it got too hard.

I think the rack is a goner though. 

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